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As the year comes to a close and we begin to look back on what we’ve accomplished as individuals, it is sometimes easy to forget about everything and everyone else that makes this city so special. We get lost within our own little worlds and we are seldom aware of what goes on beyond them. Imagine, a hundred little worlds on one subway car that never intersect except for the morning or evening commute, and all of those just a drop within the ocean that makes up New York. We are so focused on our own success that everything else—the city and the people within it—blend into the background.

I can’t claim to be guiltless in this. But I do make an effort to give back, and I take pride in doing so. Therefore, I want to share some of things I’ve been involved with in the hope that it inspires you to give back as well. ‘Tis the season, after all.

Last week I took my team to a City Harvest repackaging project. You’ve probably seen City Harvest trucks rumbling around the city, but if you didn’t know what they do, let me give you a quick rundown. City Harvest rescues excess food from farms, restaurants, grocers, and manufacturers and redistributes it to those most in need. The repackaging project we volunteered at was about portioning out thousands of pounds of produce into smaller, family-sized units that are easier for community food programs to distribute. I encourage you to learn more about City Harvest. They do AMAZING work!

At our Manhattan View development in midtown, my team held a gift wrapping charity event where we not only learned how I would look as an elf, but how incredibly moving a simple gesture can be. All of the gifts we wrapped were donated to an orphanage in Long Island, and I just can’t help but think about the smiles those children will have.

Now, just a few other items before I sign off for the year.

·       Congrats to Sweet Polly for winning our Bartend-off event at 550 Vanderbilt! A special thanks to everyone that came and participated, and to Greenland for hosting us in that incredible townhouse.

·       We have officially kicked off filming for Season 7 of Million Dollar Listing: NY, and we did it in the most insane way possible—on a multi-vehicle bus tour of Brooklyn! I don’t want to give too much away, but I can confirm that the beard is no more.

·       I’m excited to announce my collaboration with Gary Vaynerchuk at the Agent2021 conference in January. I’ll be participating in a networking event, a fireside chat, and a Q&A session with Gary himself!

Finally, I’m honored to receive the Cause Award as part of this year’s City & State Responsible 100. It is a humbling recognition, but it is truly meant for all the people that really make the city’s charities as impactful as they are—all the volunteers and employees that don’t get put on lists or get the opportunity accept awards. I will continue to give back, and I’m calling on all of you to do the same.

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

Authentically yours,
Ryan Serhant

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7 Harrison Street: 7N

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